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With our high levels of quality workmanship, attention-to-detail, courtesy, and customer service offered at competitive prices, our complete all-round services are exceptional when compared with other companies.

You can rely on us to solve all your home emergency issues, whether it is to fix your plumbing, heating, gas, electrical, or drainage issues, you can trust us to diagnose your problems accurately and fix them immediately.

Look no further than Intercity Gas for a superior service and excellent value for money on all and any home emergency jobs. Call us any time of the day or night for a fast response to your daily plumbing, heating, and gas issues. We can handle everything from dripping faucets to new boiler installations – no job is too big or small for us.

  • Honest and Reliable services
  • Quality works at affordable prices
  • Quote with no hidden fees
  • Qualified and licensed engineers
  • Quick Response for Emergency
  • 24 Hours Service

Booking An Intercity Gas Engineer

Need an Intercity Gas professional? Follow these 3 simple steps:

Book a visit

Call us on 0118 214 2243 to explain the issue and book an appointment so we can survey your existing problem and suggest available options.

Review quote

After we've completed a survey of the problem, we'll provide you with a fixed price 'no obligation' quote.

Set a date

If you’re happy with your quote, we can organise a convenient time and date for an engineer to carry out the required work.

Why are Intercity Gas emergency plumber In Henley-On-Thames unique?

Our emergency plumbers in Henley-on-Thames are quick to respond, are well equipped to be able to solve your plumbing issues there and then, and they provide a plumbing service at an affordable cost to the customer whilst keeping the customer’s needs in mind.

Intercity Gas plumbers have a lot of real-time experience and are licensed technicians who like to work in challenging situations and resolving even the most tedious of plumbing problems using advanced tools and technology by finding the root cause of the problem and fixing that first to prevent any further problems from escalating. Our plumbers are highly effective when it comes to emergency situations such as burst pipes, water leaks, etc.

Why are our plumber in Henley-On-Thames so effective?

Everything we do is focused on resolving your problems with the least amount of stress, hassle, and without causing any potential property damage. Whatever you need, whether it’s an urgent repair or a planned gas and pipeline installation, our plumbers in Henley-on-Thames have the experience required to tend to your plumbing issues in an efficient and methodical manner.

Our Intercity Gas emergency plumbers in Henley-on-Thames provide services 24 hours a day which means we tend to your emergency plumbing issues as soon as we can. You can even give us a call on bank holidays as we work throughout the year.

Our plumbing services range from repairs on leaking pipes, clogged drains, dripping faucets, and broken boilers. We provide services such as boiler installations, pipeline remodelling, and new gas installation services for kitchens.

Address Your Plumbing Issues Today!

Your one stop plumbing consultants:

Drinking water delivery system pipes can break allowing contaminants from the pipe to flow into the water resulting in unpleasant and odorous drinking water.

Smelly water is a sign of contamination, and it may carry harmful bacteria causing health issues for anyone drinking it. It’s something that should really be fixed immediately.

It is essential that in such a situation, the plumber must find out exactly where the leakage has occurred in the pipeline. This can be done with the help of the advanced technology used by our Intercity Gas plumbers such as acoustic sensors, fibre optics, etc.

Our plumbers in Henley-on-Thames can easily found the location of the leakage and bring your home or office back to normalcy with clean drinking water and no worries as to what it may be doing to your health.

5 Immediate signs of a water leak

Water leakage can happen in underground piping and wall pipelines too. Some leakages are difficult to identify, and some leaks are near impossible to detect to the untrained eye.

Here are signs that you as a homeowner should look out for when detected a leak:

  • Check for any dripping sounds near the pipeline
  • Look for bubbling and/or peeling paint or bulging wallpaper
  • A musty and damp smell that could be an indication of mould
  • Discoloured water that creates stains on your walls
  • Check the building exterior for any burst pipes or clogging issues.

If you’re faced with any of these signs at your home or office, contact us immediately for a quick and appropriate solution to your plumbing peril.

If you’re in need of a qualified emergency plumber in Henley-on-Thames, call us on +44 1182142243 so that we may send out an emergency plumber to you as soon as we can to investigate and fix your plumbing issues before they become unmanageable. With the help of our video pipe inspection tools, our trained plumbers in Henley-on-Thames can easily detect hidden leaks and address them accordingly.

No callout charges. Free quotes on boiler installations. Call us now and to find out more.

Specialized In Plumbing Repair, Service & Installation

We pride ourselves in being steps ahead of our competitors; offering quality work during tough times while endorsing trustworthiness, fairness, and security to residences and businesses around this busy community.

  • Pipework installation
  • Installation of kitchens & bathrooms
  • General plumbing work
  • Power flushing
  • Repairs to leaks
  • Unblocking pipes and drains
  • Installation of guttering and drains
  • Preventative and Reactive maintenance
  • 24-hour service

At Intercity, your satisfaction is our number one concern. We work hard to ensure that your needs are met in a timely manner and at the lowest price possible, but we never skimp on work quality. You can rely on us as a licensed, bonded, and insured plumbing company to provide the best service for your home or business.

Frequently Asked Questions

To put it simply, no. Without the proper knowledge and experience, you may find it a little challenging to get the leak under control on your own. Even the most experience of plumbers can’t judge the size of the leak by eye alone, hence, why our Intercity Gas plumbers in Henley-on-Thames always use the most advanced tools to find out exactly where the root cause of the problem is and protecting your home from any further damage by dealing with it at the source.

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