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New Boiler Installation and power flush

Boiler manufacturers recommend that a when any new boiler is installed the heating system should be power flushed to prevent sludge and iron oxide entering the new boiler and cause damage.

This is why boiler manufacturers recommend it should be flushed as they may be reluctant to carry out repairs under the manufactures warranty where it is suspected that the fault has been caused by debris and sludge in the system.

Get a free quote from Intercity Gas to power flush your radiators and central heating in your home.

Smart Controls

Smart controls replace your old existing and uneconomical heating and hot water controls, smart controls have been introduced into the plumbing industry to saving on cost of bills and your carbon footprint.

They are highly efficient and economical and can be wired to an existing heating and hot water system, or a new system to give you exceptional control and reliability of your systems.

Unvented Systems

Our Gas Safe registered engineers are fully qualified in unvented systems and hold G3 Qualifications. We are xperienced in fixing all major boiler brands call us to get an engineer out to you ASAP

Where can an Unvented Cylinder be installed?

You can have your unvented cylinder or Megaflo fitted in most locations including: loft, garage, large airing cupboard or a basement.

Does my Megaflo or Unvented System need to be serviced?

Yes, it is highly recommended that you have your Megaflo or unvented cylinder serviced annually. This typically involves cleaning filters, checking and testing the safety components, valves and thermostats. We also check the thermostat wiring and general performance of the overall system.

Installation of an Unvented Cylinder or Megaflo system

Unvented hot water systems should only be installed and serviced by a qualified and competent person holding a current G3 Unvented Qualification. All our engineers who work on unvented systems hold this qualification. It is extremely important that the system is correctly installed, together with all essential safety controls. Building Regulations require all installations of unvented hot water cylinders to be notified to Building Control

Is my mains water supply suitable?

It is really important that your mains water pressure, is suitable the flow must be checked prior to any installation if it not checked you will have issue regarding the system performance and may end up being a costly mistake


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions when getting a Power flushing of central heating systems. If you require further information regarding our Power flush service, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

What is Powerflushing?

Power flushing is the process which is used to clean heating systems using a flushing acid based chemical water is circuited at high velocity, throughout all the pipework radiator and boiler. The chemical will breakdown, sludge and other debris which has collected in the heating system over the years and will be dumped out serval time during the flushing process until most of the sediment been removed.

Do I need a Powerflush?

There are thousands of ageing central heating systems with circulation and boiler noise problems caused by accumulations of sludge, corrosion, debris and scale. Some clients try to remove sludge by installing chemical mobilising agents directly into the system and then repeating the process some weeks later. This is fine for systems that only have a minimal amount of debris. However, for systems that are suffering from sludge, it really is best to get your system power flushed. This will cure most circulation problems.

I have cold radiators, will Powerflushing help?

Radiators that are cold or partially cold tend to be blocked and have pockets of sludge build up where the heating water cannot circulate This is why radiators can have cold spots. If the sludge is removed by power flushing, then the water can circulate around the whole radiator rather than just the top part of that radiator. In some instance the rad may have to be replaced if the flush was unable to remove the sludge.

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